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#7 AWS Weekly Updates (27 Jul 20)

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This week’s picks are:

  • CloudFront now provides granular geotargeting
  • Amazon Detective enhances VPC flow logs visibility

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Container logs to AWS Elasticsearch

Using Fluent Bit you can now stream your ECS or EKS container logs to Elasticsearch. ECS users need to integrate FireLens interface into their task definition whereas EKS customers can launch Fluent Bit DaemonSet to route container logs to Elasticsearch.

It even supports streaming container logs to various other tools like CloudWatch, Kinesis, Datadog, Splunk, etc.

Article: Fluent Bit supports Amazon Elasticsearch Service as a destination to route container logs

CloudFront now provides granular geotargeting

  • CloudFront-Viewer-Country-Name: India
  • CloudFront-Viewer-Postal-Code: 395007
  • CloudFront-Viewer-Time-Zone: Asia/Kolkatta
  • CloudFront-Viewer-Latitude: 21.19800
  • CloudFront-Viewer-Longitude: 72.83000

Using these additional headers you can heavily personalise the content you deliver to your users. For example, you can use postal code header to fetch local ads, load page in the local language or display local climate on the basis of latitude and longitude.

Article: Amazon CloudFront adds additional geolocation headers for more granular geotargeting

Amazon Detective enhances VPC flow logs visibility

Amazon Detective now supports examining VPC flow logs which can answer your security team questions such as:

  • What port or network service was in use at that time?
  • Were any large data transfers involved?
  • Was the traffic allowed by my Security Groups?

Article: Amazon Detective enhances VPC flow visibility

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to learn more about new weekly releases/updates by AWS. ✌️

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