#13 AWS Weekly Update (21 Sep 20)

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This week’s picks are:

  • Prometheus metrics can now be sent to CloudWatch
  • Increased table limit for Redshift

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Lambda & IAM Authorizers now available for HTTP API

Prior to the update, you only had an option of authenticating and authorising requests using OIDC provider but now you can write your custom Lambda function which takes care of AuthN and AuthZ for you before the request hits your Lambda function. This way you can take off some load away from your business functions.

Article: API Gateway HTTP APIs now supports Lambda and IAM authorization options

Prometheus metrics can now be sent to CloudWatch

You can now send Prometheus metrics collected from ECS, EKS or Kubernetes running on EC2 to CloudWatch for centralised monitoring. By doing this your operations team will be able to monitor all infrastructure, application and container logs at single place.

Article: Amazon CloudWatch now monitors Prometheus metrics from Container environments, Container Insights Prometheus Metrics Monitoring

Increased table limit for Redshift

Until now Redshift supported 20K tables on DC2.8XL, DS2.8XL, RA3.4XL, and RA3.16XL instance types which is now increased up to 100K tables. Customers now need not create multiple clusters to manage bigger workload.

Article: Amazon Redshift now supports 100K tables in a single cluster

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to learn more about new releases/updates by AWS. ✌️

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