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#12 AWS Weekly Update (14 Sep 20)

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This week’s picks are:

  • Launch of a new EBS SSD volume type: io2
  • EKS pods can now utilise EC2 security groups

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SNS supports message payload of up to 2GB

Previous to this announcement, you were limited to message payload of 256KB in size but now you can use the Extended Client Library for Java which will enable you to increase payload size up to 2GB.

Article: Amazon SNS launches client library supporting message payloads of up to 2 GB

Launch of a new EBS SSD volume type: io2

EBS io2 volumes provide 500 IOPS per GB, unlike io1 which provide 300 IOPS per GB of provisioned volume. Moreover, the increased durability of io2 to 99.999% along with increased IOPS give customers 100x increased durability and 10x increase in IOPS.

Article: AWS announces General Availability of new Provisioned IOPS Volume (io2) for Amazon EBS

EKS pods can now utilise EC2 security groups

Prior to this release, all pods on a node used to share the same security group. With this release, you can now assign security groups at pod level to control the inbound and outbound traffic.

Note: As of writing this article, this feature is only available for EKS 1.17 clusters and most of the Nitro based EC2 instances.

Article: Amazon EKS now supports assigning EC2 security groups to Kubernetes pods, Security groups for pods

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to learn more about new releases/updates by AWS. ✌️

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