#11 AWS Weekly Update (31 Aug 20)

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This week’s picks are:

  • Launch templates and custom AMI support for EKS managed node group
  • Route53 Resolver can now log VPC DNS Queries

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AWS Controllers for Kubernetes

AWS Controllers for Kubernetes allows you to create, manage and consume AWS resources natively from your Kubernetes cluster via Controller and CRD. The Custom Resource(CRD) interacts with AWS Controller which is responsible for creating, updating and deleting the AWS resource.

As of writing this article, the feature is available in developer preview mode and only supports API Gateway V2, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, ECR and SNS.

Article: Introducing the AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK)

Launch templates and custom AMI support for EKS managed node group

Customers using managed node groups only had an option to choose between two pre-defined AMIs for their EKS cluster but with this announcement, they can now use launch template to define custom AMI and other properties of an instance and let the worker nodes be managed by AWS.

Note: Spot Instances are NOT supported through the Launch Templates yet.

Article: Amazon EKS managed node groups now support EC2 launch templates and custom AMIs

Route53 Resolver can now log VPC DNS Queries

With the launch of this feature, customers no longer need to maintain infrastructure on their own to log DNS queries. It can log DNS queries and responses for DNS queries originating from within customer VPCs, whether those queries are answered locally by Route 53 Resolver, resolved over the public internet, or are forwarded to on-premises DNS servers via Resolver Endpoints.

Article: Amazon Route 53 Resolver Now Supports VPC DNS Query Logging

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to learn more about new releases/updates by AWS. ✌️

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