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  • PrivateLink support for Lambda
  • SNS adds FIFO topics
  • Schedule queries on Redshift via EventBridge

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AWS Lambda is a fully managed serverless compute service which runs your code in response to events such as new object created in S3, an item deleted from DynamoDB table or HTTP call via API Gateway.

Previously, Lambda invocation used to happen over public IP but now with the support of PrivateLink you can create Interface Endpoint which will trigger the function over Amazon’s private network.

Article: AWS Lambda now supports AWS PrivateLink


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  • Lambda & IAM Authorizers now available for HTTP API
  • Prometheus metrics can now be sent to CloudWatch
  • Increased table limit for Redshift

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AWS HTTP API Gateway is a simple, cost-effective and fully-managed proxy for your serverless application. Unlike REST API, it does not support advanced features like Request validation, Request/Response transformation, interacting with other AWS services, caching and many more.

Prior to the update, you only had an option of authenticating and authorising requests using OIDC provider but now you can write your custom Lambda function which takes…

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  • SNS supports message payload of up to 2GB
  • Launch of a new EBS SSD volume type: io2
  • EKS pods can now utilise EC2 security groups

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Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a fully managed pub-sub based notification service which can be used for exchanging information between machines or for app-to-person (A2P) communication.

Previous to this announcement, you were limited to message payload of 256KB in size but now you can use the Extended Client Library for Java which will enable you to increase payload size up to 2GB.


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  • AWS Controllers for Kubernetes
  • Launch templates and custom AMI support for EKS managed node group
  • Route53 Resolver can now log VPC DNS Queries

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Kubernetes(K8s) is the most popular and widely used open-source container orchestration tool. You can either manage your cluster using EC2 instances or use EKS to shift the responsibility to AWS.

AWS Controllers for Kubernetes allows you to create, manage and consume AWS resources natively from your Kubernetes cluster via Controller and CRD. …

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  • Custom runtime on AL2 for AWS Lambda
  • MSK as an event source for Lambda
  • HTTP API Gateway now integrates with five new AWS services

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Lambda is a fully managed serverless compute service which allows you to run your code without provisioning or managing of servers, worrying about scaling, patching and securing the platform running your code. It natively supports Python, Java, Ruby, Go, NodeJS and .NET Core as of writing this article.

In case your love is not yet supported natively by AWS, you can use the custom…

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  • Delivery to HTTP endpoints by Kinesis Data Firehose
  • AWS Step Functions supports SageMaker Processing
  • Build and test AMIs locally using EC2 Image Builder

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Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose is a fully managed data streaming service which can scale automatically as per the requirement without human involvement and can capture, transform and send data to many AWS and third-party services like S3, Redshift, Elasticsearch, Datadog, etc.

With the support of HTTP endpoint, you can send streaming data to either on-premise servers or any third-party vendor which is not yet supported…

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  • Resource-based policy for AWS Secret Manager
  • CloudFront support for Amazon Lightsail
  • CIS Benchmark for Amazon EKS

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In brief, Secrets Manager lets you protect, rotate, manage and retrieve your database credentials, API keys, OAuth token and other secrets. Club it with AWS KMS service to encrypt your secrets at rest-side.

With the launch of the resource-based policy, you can now manage access to your secrets centrally across multiple AWS accounts. Unlike Identity-based policy which is attached to a user, group or role, a resource-based policy is attached to a…

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  • Container logs to AWS Elasticsearch
  • CloudFront now provides granular geotargeting
  • Amazon Detective enhances VPC flow logs visibility

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Amazon Elasticsearch is a fully managed service which lets you run ELK stack on the cloud without operational overhead.

Using Fluent Bit you can now stream your ECS or EKS container logs to Elasticsearch. ECS users need to integrate FireLens interface into their task definition whereas EKS customers can launch Fluent Bit DaemonSet to route container logs to Elasticsearch.

It even supports streaming container logs to various other tools like CloudWatch

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  • Amazon Kendra now supports PrivateLink
  • AWS Firewall Manager can now audit security groups
  • New managed rules for AWS Config

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Want to build a search engine for your company which uses machine learning and understands natural language, use Amazon Kendra. An enterprise-level managed search service powered by machine learning. Just create an index, attach data sources like S3, RDS, SharePoint, Salesforce, OneDrive or other supported sources and deploy it. That’s all and you have a search engine ready to serve within minutes.

With the support of PrivateLink, just create…

AWS has saved a lot of money for their customers who were looking for a simple proxy to expose serverless application by releasing HTTP API Gateway. If you are NOT looking for features like request/response transformation, Lambda authorizer, request parameters/body validation, request forwarding to other AWS services and such other advanced features then HTTP API is the best choice instead of REST API. A detailed comparison between HTTP and REST API can be found here.

Before diving into the implementation part you will need Lambda code to successfully test our deployment.

Let’s start with the implementation part by creating our…

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